They told me so ..

This is what happens when a sunflower is planted in well rotted (non smelly / no brandling worms) horse manure, the runner beans and sweet peas didn’t prosper either. As you can see the courgettes and squash are not having a problem. The nasturtiums seem to be coping. Interesting.┬áThe experts tell you these things and now I have seen why.

I’m in the middle of a courgette glut, the Lungo Bianco grow like topsy, I can’t keep up with them. They have quite a watery texture, although pretty with the very pale green almost cream skin. I may go back to Striato d’Italia next year. At least one squash has set – hurrah!

Squash and courgettes with sunflower (what sunflower?)

Squash and courgettes with sunflower (what sunflower?)

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